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247 Garden CO2 Regulator & Valve

247 Garden CO2 Regulator & Valve

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The 247Garden CO2 Regulator with Solenoid Valve allow you to maintain ideal and accurate CO2 levels for optimum growth. Easy to adjust, it also comes with a 4000 PSI tank pressure gauge, easy-to-read square-shaped flow meter, and electronic solenoid void with 6 feet power cord. Works with any 120 V device.

Simply add the tubing to disperse CO2 evenly throughout your room. If you are not using a digital CO2 controller, you will need to use a timer.

To avoid leak, please make sure the nylon washer is in place when attaching to CO2 tank. Also make sure you have a wrench to screw tight the attachment. To check for leaks after installing, spray some soapy water or StarSan solution on the CO2 regulator connectors. Usually if there's leaks, you will see or hear the bubbles.

All 247Garden CO2 Regulators come with 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. Warning:

1)All CO2 tanks should be placed on a flat surface and securely mounted to a permanent structure such as a wall or metal frame. These tanks are under extreme pressure. Should one fall or be knocked over, personal injury may result. 2)Follow all local laws when transporting, storing or handling CO2. 3)PPM levels should be kept below 2500 PPM. Levels above 5000 PPM can be harmful. 4)Always completely turn off the tank valve before attaching or detaching the regulator.


  • 247Garden CO2 Regulator w/Solenoid Valve 110V, Forged Brass Body, Nylon Washer, 4000 PSI Pressure Gauge, 0.5-15 SCFH Compatiable for Indoor Gardening & Hydroponics, Beer & Wine Kegs Brewing.
  • Forged brass body and bonnet for maximum strength with 4000 PSI pressure gauge.
  • Safety relief valve is set for safe operation.
  • Sintered metal inlet filter to trap impurities w/ nylon washer included.
  • No soldered joints for easy maintenance. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.
CA PROP-65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more info, please visit

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