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Canna Terra Flores, 1 liter

Canna Terra Flores, 1 liter

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CANNA Terra Flores is a complete one-part nutrient for plants during the flowering stage. It contains the right amounts of potassium and phosphorus to fulfill the plant's needs during this stage. It encourages fruit formation and provides every plant with its characteristic flavor. It is suitable for growing in pots and open soil both in and outdoors.

CANNA Terra Flores is excellent in encouraging fruit formation and contains the right amounts of potassium and phosphorous that the plants need during flowering.

CANNA TERRA is specially developed for growing plants in peat based potting mixes. Growing in potting mixes is easy and ideal for inexperienced users. However, it can be difficult to have precise control of the dosage. Luckily, CANNA TERRA nutrients have been developed to easily give good results with pre fertilized mixes, both indoors and outdoors.

Advantanges of Terra Flores

  • CANNA Terra Flores is easy to use, dissolves easily and is extremely suitable for growing with automatic ”run to waste” irrigation systems
  • The tendency of soil to bind nutritional ions is compensated for by the preparation methods used for Terra Flores
  • Terra Flores is excellent in encouraging fruit formation and contains all the nutritional elements that the plants need during flowering
  • It contains the right amounts of potassium and phosphorous to fulfill the plants needs during the flowering stage.
  • Better growth and flowering. Because CANNA TERRA nutrients are absorbed quickly, the plant only has to devote a small amount of energy to this process, which enables it to focus completely on growth and flowering
  • Mixing perlite is not needed
  • Medium has a lime charge large enough to last an entire cycle
  • Medium is pH-adjusted for long-term control

Looking for an organic option?

Canna has an organic solution called Bio Flores. Bio Flores was developed for the blooming phase of plants. Bio Flores is made of fermented plant material it provides many of the necessary minerals in the correct proportions.

Check out the Bio Flores option

Instructions for Terra Vega

  • Shake the bottle well before use
  • Dosage: 0.6 fl oz/gal (50ml/10L)
  • When growing intensively, please feed the plant regularly with the solution
  • Use solution 1 to 3 times a week when using a fertile soil
  • If growing in less fertile soil, use the solution daily
  • It’s recommended to grow on well - aerated calcareous soil or organic based (peat, bark, etc.) soilless mixes
  • Recommended EC: 1.0 - 1.5 mS/cm (=EC of the nutrient mix)
  • Store in a dark place, away from extremes of hot and cold
  • Over fertilization has a negative effect on the nutrient mix and plant quality
  • Not to be used in protected nature reserves, reed beds or swampy areas, in hedges or small woods, in bodies of surface waters or near groundwater collecting areas
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