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Chikamasa B-500SRFP Rounded Blade Garden Scissors Pink

Chikamasa B-500SRFP Rounded Blade Garden Scissors Pink

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The Chikamasa B-500SRFP are curved, stainless steel blades with a fluorine coating and pink handles. Fluorine makes the blades on the Chikamasa B-500SRFP sap resistant. A curved tip allows you to reach hard-to-manage places.

The outside edges of these Japanese-steel blades are grounded round, a first for Chikamasa. Rounded edges on scissors protect the grain of the flower, grape or other agricultural commodity you?re pruning from bruising or other damage as you work.

The B-500 series is the newest non-spring scissor from Chikamasa, designed specifically for thriving and ever-expanding agriculture growers in the USA. Chikamasa combines knowledge from the ancient art of bonsai trimming with the needs of modern consumer agriculture.

The result is a line of specialized garden scissors ideal for long hours of cutting and pruning in the field or chair.
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