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FloraFlex® FloraCap, 8 inch

FloraFlex® FloraCap, 8 inch

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The FloraFlex® FloraCap®8 inch helps eliminates algae, stops powdery mildew and does away with pesticides.

Place the revolutionary, FloraCaps® on your rockwool cubes, and maximize your space in the vegetative cycle.

Each cap features 34 flower designed louvers for 6 & 8 in and 17 flower designed louvers for the 4 in, to block light, while allowing air, water and nutrients to your plant.

Feed your plants less, allow the root zones to dry at more consistent rates with the FloraCap® that strategically covers the top of the media, while allowing in the necessary oxygen they need to thrive.

Made from BPA and lead-free plastic. Dishwasher safe, stackable and reusable.

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