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Humboldt County's Own Starter Pack

Humboldt County's Own Starter Pack

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If you're new to growing plants, the thousands of different kinds of nutrients and additives can confuse you. That's why the Humboldt County's Own starter pack is exactly what you need to get your garden going and make your plants as healthy and as big as possible. 

This kit includes:

  • Deep Fusion Micro 
  • Deep Fusion Grow 
  • Deep Fusion Bloom
  • Killer Tea 
  • Sonic Bloom 
  • G10
  • Snow Storm Ultra
  • Deep Breath 
  • Magnum 

These all-natural and non-toxic ingredients are all you'll ever need to start out as a gardener. Whether it's the soil that needs help or the plants that need nutrients, this kit has got you covered in every aspect- no more skimming through tons of products to choose the right one. 

The bottles will last you a long while, and the included feeding schedule will help you use the products in the right amounts at the right time. It doesn't get any easier than this starter pack.

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