Nor Cal 86 Mites + Mold gallon

Nor Cal 86 Mites + Mold gallon

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Nor Cal 86 Mites + Mold gallon

Multi purpose spray.

Developed over 8 years, using the highest quality natural oils, for the prevention and treatment of both Spider Mites and Powdery Mildew. It even keeps away pests like Aphids, Mites, whiteflies and many more plant diseases and pests.

All natural and food grade safe. Our products are designed with the safety of our customers and their families in mind. You can spray your cannabis and your food crops, your prized roses, lilac, fruit trees such as blueberry, apples, apricots and cherries, ornamentals, azalea, crabapple, dogwood, phlox, euonymus, snapdragon, dahlia, zinnia, crape myrtle, pyracantha, rhododendron, spirea, wisteria, delphinium, oak, English ivy, photinia, pecan, cucumber, squash, annuals, beans, peas.


* Safe around pets

* Safe around children

* Food grade safe

* Safe for the environment

* Very easy to use

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