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Nutrifield Fulife® 5 Liter

Nutrifield Fulife® 5 Liter

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Fulife is a nutrient supplement containing fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is an organic acid found in soils, which promotes macronutrient uptake.

It stimulates root uptake mechanisms and binds to macronutrients to form soluble, plant-bioavailable complexes – a process referred to as ‘chelation’.

The increased uptake of macronutrients supports enhanced root growth and branching, which results in increases to both vegetative growth and flower yield.


Increased Uptake of Macronutrients

Nutrifield Fulife ensures macronutrients are present in a form which is readily available to the plant.

The chelated macronutrients are easily utilised by the plant, facilitating increased macronutrient uptake and preventing nutrient lockout.


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