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Pindstrup Organic Substrate, 55kg / 300L

Pindstrup Organic Substrate, 55kg / 300L

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Does your yard or plants suffer from sandy soil? together with this compost substrate we can bring your lawn or garden back to life!

Pindstrup Substrate is produced with natural fibrous material stabilized with sphagnum peat. This substrate has a low fertilizer content and the pH is corrected with limestone.

A coarsely graded sphagnum with added wood fibers, without fertilizer and lime, which therefore has a low pH level (approx. 4).

Unfertilized Coarse Mulch is good to use for acid soil plants in beds or large pots. Optimally, the mulch is used clean, but can also be mixed with the garden soil where you want to plant your acid soil plants.

Fertilize as needed.

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