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Royal Gold Tupur Coco with Perlite, 1.76 cu. ft.

Royal Gold Tupur Coco with Perlite, 1.76 cu. ft.

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Royal Gold Tupur was designed with the goal of providing your plants with the maximum amount of nutrients on a frequent basis. This unique blend of coco fiber and perlite provides a clean slate for creating your own high-performance feeding schedule. To fully unlock its potential, Tupur requires high levels of calcium and magnesium.

With the perfect balance of oxygen and water retention, it can be watered up to six times a day, making it ideal for automated watering systems such as drip, Ebb and Flow, deep water culture, and even aquaponics. It also excels in hand-watered container gardens, whether you use organic or conventional feeding methods.

This versatility has made Tupur a go-to choice for experts and enthusiasts all over the country. Packaged in 1.76 cubic foot bags with a competitive price compared to 1.5 cubic foot bags, Tupur offers both value and quality.

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