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UBER Nutrients Pyyro K, 1L

UBER Nutrients Pyyro K, 1L

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Pyrophosphate is a unique and powerful form of phosphorus that has a similar energy signature to adenosine triphosphate (ATP) - the universal energy currency of every living thing on earth. In fact, pyrophosphate permits beneficial microbes and plants to conserve ATP.

This unique energy signature, when combined with our proprietary TRx1 Peptide Suite, allows PYYRO K to act as a powerful metabolic optimizer that dramatically upregulates a plant’s metabolism while driving nutrient uptake for an unrivalled yield. But that’s not all: this highly soluble form of phosphate has the additional benefit of acting as an enzyme catalyst in DNA synthesis, while also alkalizing and enhancing water retention in soils.

Pyrophosphate is powerful - over six times more powerful than the regular phosphate found in other flowering or plant boosters. When it comes to providing that extra phosphorus energy your plant craves, nothing else compares.

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