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Yield Lab Heat Mat Thermostat Temperature Controller (Heat)

Yield Lab Heat Mat Thermostat Temperature Controller (Heat)

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If you’ve ever accidentally left a heat mat running, you’ll know that it doesn’t take long for it to heat up to unwanted temperature. With the Yield Lab Heat Mat Thermostat Temperature Controller you’ll get full control over the temperature at which your heat mats run. With a few presses, you’ll be raising, lowering, and overall controlling your heat mat’s temperature.

Light weight and compact, this controller is simple to use for those clones and clippings that need specific temperatures to grow at (which is virtually any plant out there).Clones and clippings need heat to stimulate growth at the root level, but sometimes heat mats will over heat those roots and fry them.

With this controller you’ll be able to adjust your heat mat’s temperature to avoid killing those roots and giving them the environment they need to thrive- all with the press of a few buttons. And installation couldn’t be easier:

  • Begin by calibrating the thermostat:
    - Insert the probe included about 1” to 1 ½” in to the rooting area;
    - Position the thermostat away from the rooting tray;
    - Plug your heat mat in to the thermostat;
    - Plug the power chord for the thermostat in to the wall, displaying the “POWER” LED’s
    - Set your maximum temperature the heat mat should run at
  • Then use the controller to set the temperature:
    - Press the SET button for 3 seconds to activate the temperature setting mode
    - Press the UP and DOWN arrows to set the temperature you want, then press SET to keep that temperature
    - The HEATING light will light up when the mat is raising temperature to meet the desired mat temperature; it will turn off once that temperature has been reached
    - Press the UP button to display the temperature in Fahrenheit (°F) and press DOWN for temperature in Celsius (°C)

No messy cords to deal with, no over-heated roots. When you grow with a Yield Lab Heat Mat Thermostat Temperature Controller you’ll have regulated heat mat and plenty of healthy roots, with a healthier growing environment than before.

Compatible with nearly any heat mats, including Yield Lab and Root Radiance heat mats

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